Recruitment for permanent positions

Are you in need of more employees?

Ingeniør1 offers recruitment for permanent positions. We believe that quality and thorough research lay the best foundation for a successful collaboration between us and the client. The normal process starts with requests from our clients, followed by a search in our database and advertising on our own channels. In other cases, we do it in reverse, where the candidate comes to us, and we contact clients based on their competence and experience.

Ingeniør1 can offer job postings on our website as well as profile your advertised position on LinkedIn to reach the right market.

We also have a large database of skilled engineers with several years of experience who may be looking for your company. Become one of our clients too!

Our areas of expertice


Construction & Civil engineering

Tech & Renewable

Are you looking for work?

We want our engineers to have leading terms in the market. Career changes can be time-consuming and unfamiliar, which is why we believe solid terms are absolutely necessary to attract your expertise. 

Are you curious about your opportunities, do you feel that you have more to offer, or do you need new challenges in your workday?